Hair and Body Haul Featuring Eden Allure

Long time no write, lovey ladies! Let's me first apologize for being M.I.A. I'm soo sorry! I have been working non-stop helping my parents out with their business, so I haven't been online much. As a matter of fact, my friends have been wondering if I fell off the face of the earth! 

Anyways enough rambling, let's get onto the goodies! I finally caved in and bought some products from Eden Allure. For those of you who haven't heard of Eden Allure, they are a company that sells pure Moroccan oil and products infused with Moroccan oil. I ended up getting three different products from their company. 

Reviews of these products will be up shortly after I have used each one of them.

Moroccan Oil: Can be used for the body and hair

Eden Allure Beauty Bar: Grapefruit

Eden Allure Beauty Bar: Lavender

I cannot wait to try these products out and let you guys know how they are! I've been wanting to get these for so long and finally did! Yay for Eden Allure! 

--Until Later Lovelies<3!


  1. I use moroccan oil in my hair after I wash it before I dry it. My hair is left feeling soft. Pppl have mixed views on it though. hope you like it
    .:Not Just Beauty:.

  2. Hun thank you sooo much for your comment it was really helpful. Do you know any specific hot oil treatments to use? i always came across them but never bothered to try them!

    and thanks for the link im definatly going to check it out now xxxx

  3. I love argan oil for my hair! it's cured my "frizzies"

  4. I love your shopping obssessions hehe <3

  5. Hey! thanks for following, great blog :] I've never used moroccan oil before but I saw some at the hairdresser's last week and got curious lol I usually use amla for my mophead xx

  6. lavender always smells great!

    xo nancy

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  8. i hadn't heard of this before. thanks for letting me know about it with the review.

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  9. nice haul there girl :) i have something for you on my blog

  10. hey hunni thnx for following!! whats all this buzz on morrocon oil i work in a salon and the hairdressers rave about it allll the time!! should i try it?? love charlie xoxox