Parachute Coconut Oil Review

So I was aimlessly walking through my local Indian grocery store, waiting for my mom to finish picking up her spices and what not, when I came across this beauty! Parachute Coconut Oil definitely brings back childhood memories. My mom used to give me a hot oil hair treatment every week when I was younger. *Sigh* The good old days that revolved around having extremely healthy hair with very few split ends and hair that was double the thickness of what it is now. Boy, do I miss those days! 

I stopped using this hair oil when I was about 12. That's when my hair stopped looking gorgeous. I thought I knew better and didn't need a hot oil hair treatment every week. In the past 8 years since I stopped using this product, I have not found another oil product to my liking. 

So of course I picked some up and have gone back to working this beauty into my hair every week. I can personally say I love this oil. It has done nothing but wonders for my hair. It "supposedly" thickens your hair the more you use it but I can't prove that. I'll def let you guys know if there is any truth behind that statement. But in the mean time, I think everyone should go and pick up some of this product. I do have one warning though, if you are NOT a fan of coconut oil, this is NOT for you. This product has a very strong coco-nutty smell to it, just a huge warning. So go out and buy this at your local Indian Grocery store and if you can't find it there, then you can buy it off of amazon or google. The product is very cheap compared to many other hair oils out there.  

--Until Later Lovelies<3!!


  1. omg I love this stuff as well. My mom used to do the once a week treatment. I think it leaves a lifetime effect though. My hair is really strong and hardly splits. Sure it's not as healthy as before. I should probably start a once a week/ once in two weeks treatment again. Not to mention i probably have some at home. There's also an oil at the indian market that goes by the name AMLA..It's darker in color and in a clear bottle, for ppl who don't like coconut. But warning that once comes with a strong smell to it too

  2. My mom used to do the same:-) I stopped using it becoz the smell started getting to me. I cannot use any hair oils that smell since it gives me a headache:( If u come across any good one that doesn't smell, please let me know..thx!!

  3. Hi, im a huge fan of your blog im from Kuwait and we have parachute coconut oil please can you tell me how to use it? should i apply it on my roots?
    right now im using vaseline hair tonic on my roots and full hair leav it 2 hourse then wash it with shampoo its amazing! try it