Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara Review

I checked this mascara out after I heard The Current Custom talking about it in one of her videos and I absolutely love it. It does a great job at giving your lashes volume as well as lengthening them somewhat. I really enjoy how it does not clump your lashes either. I usually combine this mascara with CoverGirl Lash Blast Length and get amazing results. That way I end up getting both voluminous and lengthy lashes. The price is amazing too. I ended up buying the mascara for about 6 dollars at my local CVS.

The one thing that really attracted me to this product was the packaging. I mean come on guys, IT'S PINK. I have a tendency to be attracted to pink things and sparkly things too but that's for another day. Anyways! You guys really need to check this product out. I mean just the price itself is pretty inexpensive for a mascara; not to mention the fact that the quality is pretty great for a drug store product.  

--Until Later Lovelies<3!

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