Tim Gunn’s 10 Essential Wardrobe Items

When it comes to building a wardrobe up, there may be some hesitancy. You may be overwhelmed with all the different types and styles there is. This is where the fabulous Tim Gunn comes in. He is one of the most amazing people out there who has created a simple list of items necessary for every woman/girl to have in their wardrobe. Once you have these 10 items, you can go on to build around them. Believe me, it will definitely help a LOT.

1.Basic Black Dress: This is a no brainer. Every woman/girl should have a little black dress. It is so versatile and will NEVER go out of style.

2.Trench coat: This item allows you to cinch the waist in and flair out in the bottom. This is one item that works well on all figures.

3.Classic dress pants: This goes hand in hand with number 4. Come on now, everyone knows you need to have these. Let it be for an interview, work attire, or even a graduation. You can dress them up as well as dress them down by pairing them with different things.

4.Classic white shirt

5.Skirt: When it comes to a skirt, make sure you pick one that goes WITH YOUR FIGURE. There is no problem with wearing short skirts but keep in mind, it has to look good on YOU, not the model you saw it on. It seems as though this season, maxi skirts are back once again.

6.Blazer: Now this is the gem of everyone’s wardrobe. A blazer can be used to dress up an outfit or dress down the outfit. It all depends on the color, the cut, and what you pair it with. You can NEVER have enough blazers especially since they have been in style for the past few seasons.

7.Day dress: This type of dress is not bought very frequently or worn by many but every woman should have one in their closet. This can be worn on a day when you spontaneously want to dress up a bit but don’t want to overdo it.

8.Cashmere sweater: Why have one of these? Well if you take care of it correctly, you will have it for quite a long time. Not to mention, the sweater itself gives your whole outfit a classy look.

9.Jeans: If you are surprised to see this on the list, feel very silly. This is the number one ESSENTIAL in every woman’s wardrobe. Finding the right pair of jeans will give you a whole new level of confidence.

10.Sweats: The last of the ten essentials needed in a wardrobe. Everyone should have a few pairs of sweats to use on those extremely lazy days where you don’t want to doll yourself up to the T.

--Until later Lovelies...<3!