Review: Too Faced Better Than False Lashes and YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking

HG ALERT! Let me tell you, this YSL and Too Faced combination is the ultimate HG for falsies without the fuss of actually putting lashes on! (FYI I suck at applying lashes, def have to work on that.)

Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Extension System: This comes with two items, the white tube filled with nylon fibers and the gold tube with the actual mascara. The process is a three step one. You  apply the actual mascara as the primer, then the nylon fibers as a coating and then the mascara again to seal it off. Personally I am not a fan of the nylon fibers (I have sensitive eyes). Then again I might just be putting it on wrong but it's okay because the mascara makes up for it. The mascara has a light scent to it and goes on very smoothly. It doesn't clump and it pretty light when applied. Overall, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a HG product and have a few extra bucks to spend (emphasize on the s in bucks.)

YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking: Absolutely amazing quality. This was my first YSL purchase and boy was I pleased. On opening it a rose scented smell was given off so if you aren't a fan of scented mascara, avoid this one (but you are missing out!). The mascara goes on smoothly and is very creamy. With just one coat, you get dramatic effects, so it isn't necessary to pack it on. I had no problem with clumps and one aspect that I LOVED about this was how flexible it was. After allowing the mascara to dry, I was still able to move and shape my lashes, they weren't crunchy or flakey. This is my go to mascara when I don't feel like wearing any makeup, just a little bit of this and I am out the door. 

Quality: The two are very well made and show through the use of the product. Not only do they glide on with ease, they stay put for a long time. I had no problems with smudging or flaking. 

Packaging: Did you guys see the packaging? How freaking cute is that! I wouldn't mind popping out one of those tubes in public, like bam, look at this beauty! 

Pricey: Remember when I talked about bucks, well these two products are very pricey. When I bought them, they totaled me a hefty $65.00 USD. The YSL was $30.00 USD from Sephora and the Too Faced was $35.00 USD from Sephora as well. Like I said, you are going to need a few extra buckS. 

Overall, I would definitely purchase these again because of the quality and the effect they give off. These two are products that you won't regret buying. Now I'm not going to deny the factor of how pricey they are but quite frankly, it's YSL and Too Faced, it's sort of expected won't you say? 

One of the best ways to save a few bucks would be to sign up for Ebates. I'm not trying to get all promotey on you guys but truth be told, one of the ways I can afford half the stuff I buy is because of Ebates. I will be doing a post on Ebates and how they work. Look out for that one soon! 

Review: Revlon Lip Butters

Now I know everyone and their mothers have these products but I just wanted to give my opinion on them. I remember buying these when they were the craze, last year? The only thing different between my buying these and others is that I only spent 5.00 on ALL of the lip butters. *Thank you to all the couponers out there <3!* 

Berry Smoothie, Creme Brulee, Creamsicle, Candy Apple, Sweet Tart, Tutti Frutti, Peach Parfait

Let me tell you, these are worth the hype. They are buttery smooth and very creamy, not to mention VERY pigmented. I have pigmented lips, my top lip is a few shades darker than my bottom lip, and let me tell you, this totally evens out my lips. I love the feel of these lip butters and they are very affordable. If you don't have these in your makeup collection, I suggest you run out and pick some up. 

If you would like swatches on the lip butters, let me know and I can do a post on them. 

Haul: Kate Spade and Rebecca Minkoff Handbags

Believe it or not, this haul is my first handbag purchase of the year. I just could not pass up the savings on these bags. I was going through my email when I saw one from Kate Spade on their Surprise Sale and I was a bit intrigued. Long story short, I caved and bought two Kate Spade handbags. Now here is the kicker, I ended up paying 75% off retail price. Now who can pass up on that?! Not me! 

(Handbags shown from L to R: Rebecca Minkoff Illy Tote, Kate Spade Cobble Hill Palomino, Kate Spade Gold Coast Evangeline)

The Rebecca Minkoff bag was another suprise sale, this time from Bluefly. The retail value of the Rebecca Minkoff bag was $550. Pfft. I understand it's designer and that's pretty low for designer handbags but guess who got it for more than 70% off. Yes Ma'am. Beautiful bags for less.

**Also for those that think these may be knockoffs, I only buy from reputable places and would never knowingly buy a knock off handbag. I am an advocate for buying 100% authentic. If I cannot afford to buy the authentic bag, I will wait until it is the right time for me to buy one. **

Kitchen Kreations: Baked Chicken

After being extremely inspired by a few of my friends, especially my girls Khush and Richa, I have decided to start eating healthy. Mind you, I am not a cook at all, so this turned out pretty good. I have a wedding to attend at the end of June and going to Bangladesh and Dubai in August, so I have to get into perfect shape before then :). Here's to healthy eating!