Haul: RiRi Hearts Mac Summer Collection

Quick post of the collection. They just came in today! I'll do a more in depth review after I test out all the products :)!

Haul Preview: RiRi ♥ Mac Collection

Guess who was lucky enough to pick up the RiRi ♥ Mac Collection! Thanks to the beautiful Usha H, I was able to get myself the collection :). That's right! I ended up getting all of them. I cannot wait to get my hands on them. I swear there was something wrong with the Mac website because when Usha posted the status about the collection going up, I started my wait for my order to be processed. I made sure to open it up in a Chrome browser, a Firefox browser, and then after an hour or so I opened up a Safari browser. Guess which one ended up working? The Safari browser. Then I tried it on my mother's Iphone and it took no more than 15 minutes to work! 

So there you have it, my Mac virginity has been broken. Thank you Rihanna ;)!

Fashion: Coach Coupon Code 25% OFF!

That's right, Coach is having 25% off your purchase at Coach.com or any retail store (I am assuming exclusion of outlets). All you have to do is go onto their facebook page, like their page, and then go onto the 25% off tab and fill out the form. They will give you a unique code that can only be used once. That code will also be sent to your email, in case you lose it. This sale/coupon code ends on 6/18/2013, so act fast and get to shopping! 

Lifestyle: International Beauty Blogger Usha Hossain

I had the lovely opportunity to interview one of Bangladesh's top beauty bloggers, Usha Hossain. This girl has to be one of the sweetest and absolutely beautiful girls I have ever come in contact with. I remember watching youtube one day when I began wondering where all the Bangladeshi vloggers/bloggers were, so naturally I googled it and up popped Usha! 

Wear it with the confidence to carry it and you are bound to look fab

After looking at her facebook page and blog, I thought I would send her a private message. Initially I thought it would be a while before I got a response back from her but truth be told, she messaged me back very quickly.  There is a rare genunie appreciation that Usha has for her followers that the majority of people do not posses. She is very down to earth and I had a pleasure doing this interview with her. 

What’s the name of your blog?
My nick name is Usha and just randomly had triple “s” in my facebook account’s url and since then I always use “usssha” as my url everywhere and hence that’s where usssha.com came from.

What’s your worst makeup/hair habit?
Can’t remember of any bad makeup habit but I surely do have bad habbits with hair. I have been blessed with fine, straight silky hair naturally and hence I am really lazy to do anything to it. I cant even do a proper bun and so everytime after my makeup I just brush my hair and get out of the doors giving no importance to my hair.

What made you create a blog and page about makeup/beauty?
Who doesn’t know tansiaa’s page? She had huge makeup collection but I used to research and read a lot about skincare and thought there are many skincare tips and tricks I could share if not much about makeup. That’s where my page started from

Who are your inspirations as far as fashion and beauty?
Oh there are plenty. “Youtube” has been the ultimate hub for every single thing I have learnt. To name a few I love the pixiwoo sisters, emilynoel, lisa and many others

What is your philosophy on makeup?
Wear it with the confidence to carry it and you are bound to look fab

When did you become interested in cosmetics and beauty products?
Like every little girl, the curiosity was always there but if you now ask me now I’d say the interest multiplied by a huge number after I got into blogging.

What are some of your absolute favorite beauty products?
I am a huge fan of lipsticks and highlighters. The gloe Benefit high beam gives me is comparable to no other and MAC Moxie is my ultimate fix-my-mood lipstick.

What are a few of your “obsessions” right now ?
I think I suddenly got obsessed with MAC limited edition lipsticks. Just gotta have them all. Oh yeah, Kat Von D foundation is a must have currently.

How does it feel to have over 5,200  people care about you and your opinions?
Overwhelmed. Really. I never thought things would go so far. And the immense amount of love I get from these people are incomparable!! There’s nothing better than being loved for what you love doing.

Do you have any beauty secrets or tips that you think most other people don’t know about?
Every human being is special and I feel everyone has their secrets/tricks. I do share them time-to-time and that’s what this community is all about.

Have you ever had a follower recognize you, in person?
Yes I have. At my university. Felt so different the first time!

Would you ever do a meet and greet in Dhaka?
Currently, haven’t ever thought that way but if it ever happens that’s be very cool. 

Let me tell you guys, this was my second international interview and I must say that I am looking forward to doing more as time goes on. Remember to visit Usha's blog and facebook page (just click on the words blog and facebook page in this post) and spread the word about this gorgeous blogger. 

--Until Next Time Lovelies<3!

P.S. Usha -- Girl here is a little sneak peek of the gift I got you ;) 

Kitchen Kreations: Cucumber and Spinach Spaghetti

Nom nom nom. Mom made this yesterday and boy was it yummmy. I would have eaten the whole bowl if I could but we all know that I am trying to lose the weight, not gain more O_O.

Well I am very tired, I just finished working out and burned 600 calories. Not much of a workout but we shall make up for it tomorrow! Off to bed I go. 

Lifestyle: International Beauty Blogger and Makeup Artist Dr. Wasifa Ahmad

There is a huge stigma of beauty bloggers and youtube gurus being ditzy  According to many, the idea of someone doing something involved with beauty/fashion automatically labels the person as less than the educated person. In walks, Dr. Wasifa Ahmad (that's right you read that correctly, DOCTOR).  Not only is she an extremely talented makeup artist but she is a dental surgeon. There goes that stereotype about the beauty industry and intelligence. No one should think that one field is better than the other, each should be held with equal respectability. 

I came across her work and was blown away by the talent she posses. I know who I'd want as a makeup artist if I ever have an event to go to in Bangladesh! Not only does Wasifa posses extraordinary talent in makeup artistry, she has such a great personality. She is warm and genuinely happy about interacting with her followers. Check out her interview below, she is such a sweetheart! 

Q: What’s your name and the name of your blog?
Hello! My name is Wasifa and the name of my lifestyle & beauty blog is “Sifa’s Corner”. 

Q: Pick a blog post of yours that everyone should check out.
My article on At-Home Facial has reached over 167K viewers. It shows the very basic steps for taking proper care of your skin and many readers have found it truly helpful, so if you are new to my blog I suggest you should check out this article first. 

Q: Do your family and friends know about your beauty blog?
At first, very few people from my friends & family knew about my blog, but now as the blog is getting bigger more of them are learning about this.

Q: What do your family and friends think about your beauty obsession?
Truth to be told, the most common reaction from most of them is, “This is so unlike you!” Actually I have been a nerd or geek for most of my life, so when I took the “hobby” of beauty blogging; it was quite a shock for some of them.

Q: Can you tell us some fun facts we probably do not know about you?
I am very shy and self-conscious person. It’s a constant battle for me to put my face on my blog…. specially when I am doing a skin care article and have to post pictures of my face with active acne & dark circles.

Q: How has your blog/page affected your life?
Every step of your life will bring both good and bad experiences… but I like to focus on the positive effects my blog/page has created. Now I am more confident posting a picture, giving my opinion and sharing my expertise through my blog/page. And also, I have had the opportunity to do some amazing makeup works with some amazing people… which was possible due to my blog!

Q: What do your friends think about your beauty product obsession?
After getting to know about my blog, my friends often ask for my advice on skin, hair and makeup. They appreciate all the makeup tutorials, product reviews and crazy antics I come up with!

Q: What draws you to buy a certain product or brand of makeup?
Reviews, availability and affordability.

Q: What are some of your absolute favorite beauty products?
I have many favorite beauty products, but the following ones are my everyday essential.
1 . MAC Studio Finish Concealer.
2 . Benefit High Beam.
3 . Real Technique Brushes.
4 . Urban Decay Naked Palette.
5 . Sephora Waterproof Kohl Liner in Black

Q: What is the best thing about being a beauty blogger?
Blogging, generally, allows you to come in contact with lots of people with similar minds. But beauty blogging has some other perks too…Like complimentary products for reviewing, relationship with different makeup or skincare brands etc.

Q: How do you balance being a dental surgeon and makeup artist?

Currently I am taking a break from dental surgery practice, so that gives me plenty of time to focus on makeup artistry.

Q: What is one tip you would give others who want to become a makeup artist/ beauty blogger?Have patience and work sincerely. It’s not necessary that you will have to buy all the pricey products all at once for your collection… just start first with affordable products and work your way upwards!

Q: Would you ever do a meet and greet in Dhaka?
Yes, I would love to do that one day!

Don't forget to check out this gorgeous girl on her blog and her facebook page

Kitchen Kreations: Low Fat Baked Ziti with Spinach

Remember I told you I was trying to lose weight? Well I was on the quest to find delicious food that was still healthy and truth be told, I didn't think I was going to be very successful. Turns out I was wrong. Hands down, Skinny Taste, has to be the best blog I have ever come across! Not only are the recipes yummy but they are healthy for you. 

Today I made one of those recipes and nom nom nom, even my brothers devoured it. I did substitute some of the ingredients and left others out, but a yummy lunch under 300 calories is good in my book! I  ended up making their Low Fat Baked Ziti with Spinach.  

Note: I did not use parmesan cheese, ricotta cheese, or basil. I substituted the basil for coriander. Also for the mozerella cheese, I used 8 of the Kraft Low-Moisture Part-Skim Mozzarella String cheeses.