Haul Preview: RiRi ♥ Mac Collection

Guess who was lucky enough to pick up the RiRi ♥ Mac Collection! Thanks to the beautiful Usha H, I was able to get myself the collection :). That's right! I ended up getting all of them. I cannot wait to get my hands on them. I swear there was something wrong with the Mac website because when Usha posted the status about the collection going up, I started my wait for my order to be processed. I made sure to open it up in a Chrome browser, a Firefox browser, and then after an hour or so I opened up a Safari browser. Guess which one ended up working? The Safari browser. Then I tried it on my mother's Iphone and it took no more than 15 minutes to work! 

So there you have it, my Mac virginity has been broken. Thank you Rihanna ;)!

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