Lifestyle: International Beauty Blogger Usha Hossain

I had the lovely opportunity to interview one of Bangladesh's top beauty bloggers, Usha Hossain. This girl has to be one of the sweetest and absolutely beautiful girls I have ever come in contact with. I remember watching youtube one day when I began wondering where all the Bangladeshi vloggers/bloggers were, so naturally I googled it and up popped Usha! 

Wear it with the confidence to carry it and you are bound to look fab

After looking at her facebook page and blog, I thought I would send her a private message. Initially I thought it would be a while before I got a response back from her but truth be told, she messaged me back very quickly.  There is a rare genunie appreciation that Usha has for her followers that the majority of people do not posses. She is very down to earth and I had a pleasure doing this interview with her. 

What’s the name of your blog?
My nick name is Usha and just randomly had triple “s” in my facebook account’s url and since then I always use “usssha” as my url everywhere and hence that’s where came from.

What’s your worst makeup/hair habit?
Can’t remember of any bad makeup habit but I surely do have bad habbits with hair. I have been blessed with fine, straight silky hair naturally and hence I am really lazy to do anything to it. I cant even do a proper bun and so everytime after my makeup I just brush my hair and get out of the doors giving no importance to my hair.

What made you create a blog and page about makeup/beauty?
Who doesn’t know tansiaa’s page? She had huge makeup collection but I used to research and read a lot about skincare and thought there are many skincare tips and tricks I could share if not much about makeup. That’s where my page started from

Who are your inspirations as far as fashion and beauty?
Oh there are plenty. “Youtube” has been the ultimate hub for every single thing I have learnt. To name a few I love the pixiwoo sisters, emilynoel, lisa and many others

What is your philosophy on makeup?
Wear it with the confidence to carry it and you are bound to look fab

When did you become interested in cosmetics and beauty products?
Like every little girl, the curiosity was always there but if you now ask me now I’d say the interest multiplied by a huge number after I got into blogging.

What are some of your absolute favorite beauty products?
I am a huge fan of lipsticks and highlighters. The gloe Benefit high beam gives me is comparable to no other and MAC Moxie is my ultimate fix-my-mood lipstick.

What are a few of your “obsessions” right now ?
I think I suddenly got obsessed with MAC limited edition lipsticks. Just gotta have them all. Oh yeah, Kat Von D foundation is a must have currently.

How does it feel to have over 5,200  people care about you and your opinions?
Overwhelmed. Really. I never thought things would go so far. And the immense amount of love I get from these people are incomparable!! There’s nothing better than being loved for what you love doing.

Do you have any beauty secrets or tips that you think most other people don’t know about?
Every human being is special and I feel everyone has their secrets/tricks. I do share them time-to-time and that’s what this community is all about.

Have you ever had a follower recognize you, in person?
Yes I have. At my university. Felt so different the first time!

Would you ever do a meet and greet in Dhaka?
Currently, haven’t ever thought that way but if it ever happens that’s be very cool. 

Let me tell you guys, this was my second international interview and I must say that I am looking forward to doing more as time goes on. Remember to visit Usha's blog and facebook page (just click on the words blog and facebook page in this post) and spread the word about this gorgeous blogger. 

--Until Next Time Lovelies<3!

P.S. Usha -- Girl here is a little sneak peek of the gift I got you ;) 


  1. I felt butterflies in my stomach while reading the interview...what a lovely intro...Thank you!

    And wattttttt? giftttttt why :O

  2. Aww haha and pft I try to gift something to the people I interview. Its a token of appreciation :). I have something for you and Wasifa :]. I was looking at your wishlist and thought hey why not, you said you wanted something from there :]!

  3. usha apu it felt great to read your interview :D