Ecru New York Acacia Protein BB Hair Cream Review

I first came across this beauty when I received my October Ipsy bag. As some of you know, I consider my hair one of my "prized possessions".  For that reason, when it comes to testing things out on it, I get a bit weary. After doing a bit of research and finding quite a few rave reviews on it, I thought I'd give it a go. I was a bit apprenehsive because in all honesty, majority of the products that I have used and read "rave reviews" about, were let downs.

I must say that this product definitely made me eat my words. With the winter season right around the corner and the constant weather changes, my hair hasn't been doing too well. After putting a bit of this on, I could not stop touching my hair. The softness and moisturized feeling made me ecstatic, not to mention how light weight it felt. This is definitely a thumbs up in my book. I am def going to buy the full sized version, even if it is going to cost me $30.00! Compared to a lot of other "hydrating" products, this one costs less and works way better! 

Thanks to Ipsy (no I'm not affliated with them in any way), I have a new-found interest in Ecru New York. Definitely looking forward to trying out some of their other products.

--Until Next Time Lovelies<3!

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